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Camel Hair Wool Natural, Dyed & Printed Fabric

Camel Hair Wool Natural, Dyed & Printed Fabric


Camel Hair Wool Natural Fabric (100% Wool )


Camel Hair Wool Dyed Fabric (100% Wool)


Camel Hair Wool Printed Fabric (100% Wool)

Product Specifications of Camel Hair Wool Fabric

  • Fabric Type :- Greige, Dyed, Printed
  • Fabric composition :- 100% camel hair wool
  • GSM/Weight :-  250 – 500 GSM
  • Size/Width :- 40″ 42″ 44″ 46″ 48″ 54″ 60″
  • Design/Pattern :- Plain, Printed
  • Techniques :- Woven
  • Colour/Print :- Available In Multiple colors & Prints
  • Supplier Type :- Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
  • Country of Origin :- India

Description of Camel Hair Wool Fabric

Camel wool, commonly called camel hair, is a category of fabric derived from camel coat. This unique fabric is usually decided from Bactrian camel subspecies.

Production :- One camel can produce about 5 pounds (2.25 kg) of hair in one year. Camel hair is collected by combing or shearing or hand gathering the fibre during the molting season in the later half of spring. The fine and coarse hairs we then separated after the collection. Next, the fibre is washed to remove possible debris or dust before it is spun into yarn, knitting or weaving. After the yarn is spun, it is rewashed before it is worked into textiles.

Different Grades of Camel Hair :-

Grade 1 – It is the soft  and silky light –tan under hair found close to the skin of the camel. This is short staple, or noil, of from 1 ¼   to 3 ½ inches ( 30-90 mm) , but it also the  best quality . Before  , it was the only true camel hair  used in the manufacture of apparel . Please note  in wool , noils  represent the less  valuable short staple whereas  in case of hair  fibers ,the short fibers are the   best product and are the only ones used in high –grade  hair fabrics. Grade 2 – It is the intermediate growth , consisting of short hairs  and partly of coarse  outer hairs  , ranging from 1 ½ to 5 inches ( 40 – 125 mm) in length.

Grade 3 –  It consists entirely  of coarse  outer hairs  measuring up to 15 inches ( 380 mm) in length and varying in color from  brownish black to reddish brown. This grade has no value for apparel manufacture ; it is suitable  only  for cordage and for low-quality rugs.

Properties/ Characteristics of Camel Hair Wool Fabric

It has greater sensitivity to chemical tan Wool fiber, strong, excellent insulating properties, warm, comfortable, lustrous, smooth, lightweight, it dyes well so it can be dyed in many colors, thermostatic properties, and is an expensive fabric.

Usage and Applications of Camel Hair Wool Fabric

Garments, Outerwear, Upholstery, Industrial products –   tents, cloaks, carpets, jackets, sweaters, trousers, throws, scarves, knitting yarn, underwear, overcoat, blankets, rugs, blazers, skirts, duvets, gloves, hoodies, jumpers, long coats, ladies coats, throw blankets, polo coats, robes.  Machine belting and press cloths, employed in extracting oil seeds.

Care & Instructions of Camel Hair Wool Fabric

Camel hair wool can be dry cleaned or hand washed at home safely. Soak in wash basin in cold water using a wool detergent. Rub gently and rinse well in cold water under the tap. Never hang dry. Avoid direct sunlight. Steaming is the best and safest finish to remove Wrinkles. Do not Iron, as it will damage the natural pile of the yarns.

Remark: compositions, weight, construction can be changed as per customer’s requests and also accepted customizations.

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Important Note:
Measurement conversion: All the fabrics on Aloha are mentioned both in meter as well as yard and therefore will be priced accordingly. You can use the below conversion factor to convert Meters to Yards:
1 yard = 0.9144 meters
1 meter = 1.0936 yards



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